Our Pasties

Our pasties are made using a home-made award winning recipe. Using locally sourced ingredients including succulent meats and tried and tasted cheeses. We have looked far and wide for the best possible ingredients and seasoning to create the perfect pasty.

We aim to give your taste buds a tantalising feast, using ingredients to give you the absolute best Traditional Cornish pasty, as well as new and unique flavours to bring the pasty in to the 21st century.

Our family have been baking pasties for over 300 years, we have been passing the recipe down the over the years through the generations, our family want to give you that home made taste. Our family have even been selling internationally, Our Uncle lives in New Zealand and is very known for have a very big following in Christchurch. My mother has one various pasty competitions  all over south east Cornwall.

The wives of Cornish tin miners would lovingly prepare these all-in-one meals to provide sustenance for their spouses during their gruelling days down the dark, damp mines, working at such depths it wasn’t possible for them to surface at lunchtime. A typical pasty is simply a filling of choice sealed within a circle of pastry.

Filling ideas are endless however, and can be as diverse as your taste will take you. There is much debate as to whether the ingredients should be mixed together before they are put in the pasty or lined up on the pastry in a certain order, with pastry partitions.

 However, there is agreement that the meat should be chopped, vegetables sliced and none should be cooked before they are sealed within the pastry. It is this that makes the Cornish pasty different from other similar foods.